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Lets You Bend & Lift without Low Back Pain
Men, do you suffer from back pain due to a back abusive job or hobby? ┬áIs constant bending related back strain taking its toll on your back, your quality of life and threatening your livelihood?  Discover the most effective, practical and safe way to perform your bending activities without back strain or pain.

The Springzback is actually an “ Adjustable Spring-Loading Upper Body Brace ” that is ideally suited for men that bend and lift at work.  A shorter term for this brace is a “ Back Assist Device ”, however, as that is currently an unknown and vague term to most, it will be referred to as a “ Back Brace ” or an “ Upper Body Brace “ throughout this site.

When you’re bending and/or lifting, this unique back brace prevents lower back muscle strain whether you’re holding a forward lean or completely bent over holding/lifting a weight. The Springzback provides its lower back relief equally well from standing, sitting or kneeling positions.

The Springzback provides lower back strain relief similar to what you would experience if you were to prop your hands above your knees while bending over.  These braces are for those times when you need your hands free for other uses while needing to maintain a forward bending posture.

Because your wear this brace, it moves around with you, always providing a comfortable upper body support right when and where you need it. Because the leg engagements contact your upper legs, these braces function the same whether you’re standing, kneeling or sitting, thus providing your upper body a rest during almost any activity.

In addition, these unique and patented devices provide a gradient compressive resistance that you can alter quickly and easily.  By simply twisting its adjustment knob, you can dial-in your optimal amount of back assisting relief. Don t miss our videos: Introduction & Demo and Springzback in Action
The Springzback brace was designed for anyone that struggles with back demanding bending activities.  Ideally suited for men, this unique brace prevents back strain and relieves stress on the lower back while holding a forward bend or lean.  It provides a brace effect for your upper body while you perform virtually any activity that requires bending or lifting.  It can be adjusted to reduce, even completely eliminate lower back muscle strain and disc compression.

By preventing back muscle strain you reduce, even eliminate, your lower back abuse while improving overall back comfort. Excessive back strain is the root cause of several forms of lower back injuries, injuries that can often end careers and devastate ones quality of life.

Historically, solutions to chronic back strain and pain have been attempted through pain killers, back belts and ultimately risky back surgery.  Unlike the formerly popular back belts, the Springzback back brace provides a patented system that engages with and supports your upper body, it actually transfers your overhanging weight to the fronts of your legs.

This transferred load also serves in assisting your quadriceps when you’re in a squatting position. With the weight associated with bending and lifting transferred to your legs, you’re not only eliminating the chronic stress on your lower back but also strengthening your legs!  But what’s wrong with lifting belts?
If your occupation or daily activities involve strenuous manual labor with heavy lifting and bending, you may have accepted chronic back pain as part of your life.  The same was true of the inventor of Springzback.  This revolutionary back brace was developed by an injured auto mechanic driven by a vision of an effective, yet practical solution for his own debilitating back pain.

After traditional back belts failed to provide relief, he was determined to find something that would allow him to quit focusing on his back discomfort and get back to work.  Unwilling to undergo expensive and risky back surgery, he set out on a many years long mission to develop a practical, affordable and (most importantly) effective device to help himself find relief from back strain.

And so the Springzback was developed – this amazing back assisting device is now a high quality product made right here in the U.S.A. through Babcock Innovations, Inc. The Springzback provides an effective yet practical solution for managing back-abusive bending and lifting activities.

More effective than basic back belts, less risky than expensive back surgery, Springzback lets you take your focus off your back so you can return to the bending activities you need and want to do.
Springzback GuaranteeThe Springzback is a powerful high quality tool, built to last so it can improve the quality of your life for many years, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you receive your Springzback, try it out, put it through the paces, and if within 30 days you are not completely thrilled with it, we will either customize it to your specific needs or take it back for a full refund (product must remain in like new condition for a full refund).

Please Note: If your intended use will subject your Springzback to paint, concrete, scratching or such, please simulate your intended use in a clean, protective environment (or cover Springzback using plastic bags to try it out on the job). Only extra shipping and handling fees such as when with overnights or overseas shipments are non-refundable.

While no solution is perfect for every person or every situation, the Springzback back brace could be perfect for you and your situation. Find out for yourself today – it could save your back and your career.

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