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Back Brace for Back Pain: Component Details

PatentLogo Springzback is a sophisticated and patented body brace designed to relieve the back pain and strain normally encountered while performing bending, leaning, and lifting activities. Below is detailed component information about this amazing back brace for back relief.

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Main Body

To provide for its lightweight strength and durability, the main body and channel pieces are made out of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The leg pads, chest plate, and other miscellaneous components are non-reinforced nylon.

Differential Shafts and Pivoting Clamps

Chosen for its lightweight strength, the specially designed threaded differential shafts are made from 2024 aircraft aluminum. Its thread features are rolled, not machined, for greater strength, reduced friction, and smoother action. The attaching pivoting clamps are one-piece extrusions made from 6061 aluminum which have now been upgraded to include sintered bronze oil-filled bushings.

Protective Boots

A pair of bellow-type boots protect the shafts from contamination as well as protects clothes from grease and fingers from being pinched. Aluminum is widely used for its lightweight strength, allowing the brace for back pain to deliver maximum support.

Chest and Leg Engagements

The chest engagement portion is crafted from molded nylon to rock, pivot, and swivel. It is removable, allowing for a variety of future optional engagement pieces such as a guide and rail system for a ladies upper body profile. Both chest and leg engagements are adjustable. The leg engagements feature recent improvements to alleviate leg soreness and promote comfort during heavy duty use.

Attachment Harness

The attachment harness was recently upgraded for a more comfortable fit and greater durability.
Springzback is a registered trademarked back brace for back pain, it is also covered by a utility patent registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (patent #7,744,552).

If you’re ready for a real solution to your back’s aches, strain, pain and fatigue, Springzback’s revolutionary back brace technology is effective and worth every penny in the relief you’ll experience.

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