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Karen Stevenson, Physical Therapist

Aspen, CO
I Recommend the Springzback to Anyone with Back Problems.
As a Physical Therapist working with back patients who have to return to physically demanding jobs, I was very impressed by the Springzback back assist device as a solution to their back problems . . .

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The Springzback is light weight yet heavy duty. I found it to take a substantial load off the back and trunk.

When bent over work is unavoidable, whether standing or kneeling, this device could allow recovering back patients to return to work safely while reducing the risk of injury or re-injury. It is easily adjustable to different individuals, is easy to put on and take off and it takes up relatively little space.

I am happy to be able to recommend the Springzback to my patients that are required to work bent over on a routine basis. I urge anyone with back pain or problems to consider this device.

Keith Medwig, Bayman

Smithtown, NY
The Springzback Has Saved Both My Back and My Livelihood.
To the inventor of the Springzback: I am writing this letter of appreciation for saving both my back & my livelihood . . .

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I am a self-employed Bayman, and I spend my workdays digging for clams in the wet sands of the eastern coastline. This backbreaking work has taken its toll on my back. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult for me to perform my job while experiencing throbbing back pains.

I’ve tried every back product I could find. Most recently, I had been using both the Bendezy and the HappyBack. These devices helped, but never gave me complete back pain relief while digging.

In my continuing search for a better product, I finally came across the Springzback.com website. After viewing its short video presentation, I called and described my situation. I decided to purchased this device and couldn’t wait to try it out.

When I got it, I was very impressed with its quality and sophistication, but was even more impressed when I tried it out. I couldn’t believe how I could put all of my weight on the chest plate while digging, as if I were laying on something. In fact, at the end of the day my chest & legs got pretty beat-up, but in time I acclimated to this. I do recommend a gradual break-in period when using this for the first time.

To make a long story short, for the first time in years I am finally digging without any back pain. The Springzback has improved my quality of life and enables me to enjoy life more fully. This product puts everything else I’ve tried to shame, its one of the best-kept secrets out there!

I just want to say this to all of you other back sufferers out there: If you’re not yet injured, you should get this product, but if you’re already injured, you must get this product! I wish the Springzback were around 20 years ago; maybe I wouldn’t be injured now.

Thanks so much!

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George Krautner

Troy, MI
The Springzback is a Fantastic product!
For anyone experiencing back pain, weakness, stiffness or fatigue, the “Springzback” could be your answer!   I have suffered with back pain since I was about 18, I am now 62 and that’s a long time to be miserable . . .

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I wish the Springzback were available long ago. I’ve done all kinds of work in my life, jobs like moving furniture, cement work, brick laying, most of which involved being bent over for long periods of time without relief. As an auto mechanic, I was often bent over car fenders for hours; I’ve paid a high price for all this back abuse.

Then I discovered the Springzback. When I first strapped on this amazing invention I was amazed at how I didn’t need to strain my back to support myself. The Springzback supports and holds me up without any pain or effort on my part while holding otherwise painful bending positions.

Washing dishes and bending over a workbench has now actually become enjoyable for me, who would have thought, what a fantastic device!  I enjoy doing lawn work and gardening, much of this requires me to either be bent over slightly for long periods of time or completely bent over to dig in the ground with my hands. I can adjust this versatile device for most any job.

As for the pain and stiffness I used to have, well now, using the Springzback to do my bending tasks, I have the relief and energy for activities that I often wouldn’t otherwise feel up to doing, like walking, swimming or simply relaxing without pain. I can now enjoy these activities because I haven’t previously fatigued or aggravated my back.

I’ve shown my Springzback to loved ones and they are all amazed. They see first hand how it has improved my life and how it could help them in their activities. I would love to be able to gift these to loved ones that I know would really benefit from back pain relief.

This is a Fantastic product!
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