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Back Brace for Lifting vs Back Belts for Lifting


The Problem with Using Back Belts for Lifting

Unlike the formerly popular Back Belts (also referred to as “ Lifting Belts ” or “ Lumbar Belts ”), the Springzback brace provides a patented system that engages with your chest to create a brace effect between your upper body and the fronts of your legs while bending forward.  This brace effect also serves to assist your quadriceps when you squat, making it easier to lift something using your legs.

Many companies have adopted a policy of using Back Belts for activities involving lifting, carrying, or prolonged bending, but there is ever-increasing research documentation concluding that back belts are ineffective at preventing back injuries.

Lifting belts simply do not reduce the load to your lower back; they merely help support your spine in a more upright position to better handle the loads imposed on its discs. And although that is beneficial, belts simply do what your stomach muscles should be doing, which is to tighten up as you lift or bend.

This compresses your insides thus shores up or supports your spine, just like tightening up a lumbar belt around your mid section. Wearing a back belt does nothing to relieve the strain on your lower back muscles or the compressive forces on your discs.

Repeated Back Belt Use De-conditions Your Stomach Muscles

Wearing a back belt too often or for too long can negatively affect your back and core health.  The more you wear and rely on a belt, the more your stomach muscles de-condition. That means when you go to lift something without a belt on, you are out of the habit of tightening your stomach muscles and your back ends up being even more susceptible to injury.

This is why you hear so much about the benefits of core strengthening. By strengthening your abdominal muscles, you create an internal lifting belt. Although many people would greatly benefit from a good core strengthening program, even that has its limits.

For as long as man has been overworking his back there has been a genuine need for an effective, practical back injury prevention device – that need is satisfied with Springzback.  Get your Springzback today!

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