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FAQs: Back Brace for Bending & Lifting

Have you been searching for something that will allow you to bend and lift without causing you debilitating back strain & pain? Are you tired of letting pain dictate what kinds of activities you can do? The Springzback is revolutionizing how people are performing otherwise back abusive bending and lifting tasks.

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Will this upper body / back brace work for Women?

The Springzback is ideally suited for men, but in certain situations women could benefit from it as well.  Please take into consideration that repeatedly bending up & down causes the chest engagement to slide up and down the chest (need I point out the obvious).  However, in situations that mainly involve holding a bend, lean or stoop position, the Springzback could be a viable solution for women as well.

The chest plate can be positioned quickly and easily, so it can be adjusted to stay below the breasts. Resting against the stomach will still offer support, but pressing against the chest is best.

How Can I Be Sure This bending brace Will Work For Me?

If you missed our “How it Works” page, it guides you through some simple tests you can perform at home to see if our brace will provide you relief from your particular back condition (and it usually will).

There are however some isolated exceptions. It’s important to understand the different causes of back pain. If you missed our “Back Basics” page, there you will find several brief descriptions of the most common causes of back pain and what you might expect as far as recovery.

I do constant bending and lifting at work. Will Springzback help me?

This is what the Springzback was designed for. If your work environment requires frequent lifting, bending or leaning, your back is under constant use (and most likely strain). Each time you bend over, you rely on your lower back to support your upper body weight, plus the weight of whatever you’re lifting.

This accumulative strain and disc compression exposes you to a high risk of back injury. To minimize the strain on your lower back, always hold your back straight, keep your lifting load close to your body and lift with your legs.

In many situations, this is often easier said than done. This is where our patented lifting brace shines, providing upper body support to relieve the strain on your lower back and help you safely carry out your daily bending and lifting activities.

Are there back exercises I can do without hitting the gym?

If you perform manual labor, chances are you don’t feel up to hitting the gym for exercises at the end of the day. A brisk walk around your neighborhood is a great way to wind down while getting some cardiovascular exercise (watch your posture!).

To keep your back flexible and minimize risk of injury, we like these stretching exercises from the Mayo Clinic: Back Exercises in 15 Minutes a Day. Remember, it is best to seek the advice and guidance of a qualified healthcare professional before starting any exercise program to ensure that your condition is safely up to the task.

The Springzback looks very different, how heavy and comfortable is it?

The Springzback brace is designed with lightweight yet durable materials. A lot of time went into its design to make it very comfortable and user friendly.

It’s adjustable and flexible to move with your body. For added comfort it features a gel cushioned chest plate and large pivoting leg pads. Its lightweight strength comes from aluminum tubing and fiberglass reinforced nylon. Weighing in at about only four (4) lbs, the Springzback is a light, yet powerful and durable tool.

There are numerous other features that make this a durable and long lasting quality investment, such as oil impregnated bronze bushings at its pivot points. Unlike the terrible trends we have all witnessed (and purchased), the Springzback is made to last.

What is Springzback’s return policy?

Your Springzback purchase comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase your Springzback brace, if within 30 days you are not completely thrilled with it, we will either customize it to your specific needs or take it back for a full refund.

Product must remain in like new condition for a full refund. If your intended use will subject Springzback to paint, concrete, scratching, or other wear, please simulate your intended use in a clean, protective environment (or cover Springzback using plastic bags to try it on the job). Extra shipping and handling fees will be deducted from refunds of overseas shipments.

If you’re ready for a real solution to your back’s aches, strain, pain and fatigue, Springzback’s revolutionary back brace technology is effective and worth every penny in the relief you’ll experience.

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